Rack - comfortable solution for the bike tail

Our motorcycle racks impress with their sturdiness, versatility and ideal fit. 15 years of experience in the production of motorcycle rear racks have gone into the development of the extremely durable ADVENTURE-RACKs and the sporty STREET-RACKs. In combination with the appropriate adapter kit or the STREET-RACK adapter plate, the topcases by SW-MOTECH, Givi/Kappa, Krauser, Hepco & Becker and Shad as well as SysBags 15/30 with adapter plate can be securely attached. Equally uncomplicated like the topcase, the EVO tank ring or an expansion for enlarging the contact surface can be attached. The numerous tie-downs are perfect for firmly clamping down tail bags such as the Slipstream or the sporty Jetpack. The Rackpack tail bag was specifically developed for use on the rack expansion and is especially easy to attach. The functional holes in the ADVENTURE-RACKs allow the mounting of an adapter kit for RotopaX canisters.

The elegant ALU-RACK is made from lightweight and yet robust aluminum alloy and suited to the design of each bike. In combination with an adapter plate, the ALU-RACK topcases by SW-MOTECH or other manufacturers provide secure hold. An EVO tank ring and a luggage rack extension for ALU-RACK are also available.

The robust STEEL-RACK is also bike-specifically developed like the ALU-RACK and has mounts for mounting adapters for TRAX and T-RaY topcases or EVO tank bags. However, the STEEL-RACK does not have a quick-lock system, but rather an adapter is screwed on to the steel rack. With a large contact surface and numerous tie-down points, the STEEL-RACK is perfect for the transport of luggage.

The SEAT-RACK, on the other hand, is a rack that is mounted in place of the passenger seat. It makes the attaching of luggage on sporty motorcycles possible or provides additional storage space during long-distance enduros. Design and fit are perfectly coordinated to the silhouette of the bike.

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Honda NC 750X / NC 750S (16-) Black STEEL-RACK Black by SW-Motech

SW-Motech STEEL-RACK (must) Honda NC 750X / NC 750S (16-)

Tavahind: 129,95 €

Erihind 116,96 €

45x30 cm Aluminum Luggage rack extension for STREET-RACK Black by SW-Motech

45x30 cm Aluminum Luggage rack extension for STREET-RACK Black by SW-Motech

Tavahind: 59,95 €

Erihind 54,50 €

45x30 cm Aluminum Extension for ADVENTURE-RACK Black by SW-Motech

SW-Motech ADVENTURE-RACK pikendus 45x30 cm, alumiiniumist (must)

Tavahind: 44,95 €

Erihind 40,80 €

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