Backpacks for daily urban use with or without motorcycle

Our comfortable backpacks are made for motorcyclists and come with a variety of features, like useful compartment set-up for easy storage management, volume adjustment and an ergonomically designed carrying system when venturing off the bike. The all-weather backpack Drybag 300 is our price performance winner and protects your gear from the elements. Available colours are grey or bright yellow. Triton and Baracuda are also all-weather backpacks and come with padded shoulder and waist straps for high carrying comfort and best fit. Vintage-inspired luggage line Legend Gear also offers backpacks or messenger bags, such as sleek tail bag LR1 that is usable as tail bag and backpack or messenger bag LR3 that is also made for daily use. Legend Gear bags combine ageless retro design with choice materials and padded straps for high wearing comfort.

lehekülje kohta
Waterproof 25 l Baracuda backpack Grey/black by SW-Motech

SW-Motech Baracuda veekindel seljakott 25L hall/must

Tavahind: 99,95 €

Erihind 90,86 €

Waterproof 30 l Drybag 300 backpack Signal yellow by SW-Motech

SW-Motech Drybag 300 veekindel seljakott 30L erkkollane

Tavahind: 69,95 €

Erihind 63,60 €

Waterproof 20 l Triton backpack Grey/Black by SW-Motech

SW-Motech Triton veekindel seljakott 20L hall/must

Tavahind: 79,95 €

Erihind 72,60 €