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Navi Case Pro device bags and more

Best cockpit positioning matters when a clear view to instruments and traffic is essential while using GPS device, tablet, smartphone or map. We offer a variety of smartphone hardcases, splashproof Navi Case Pro bags and mounts for tank bags. Almost all SW-MOTECH tank bags (not EVO Micro, EVO Enduro LT, Yukon 90 and ION one) are designed with mounts for optional maps or waterproof drybags for smartphone or tablet.

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"Display to 5,5"" Accessory bag Legend Gear smartphone bag LA3 Touch compatible by SW-Motech"

SW-Motech Legend Gear LA3 nutitelefoni ümbris (kuni 5.5?)

Tavahind: 30,00 €

Erihind 20,60 €

Tablet Drybag for tank bag Waterproof Not for EVO Micro, Enduro LT by SW-Motech

SW-Motech tahvelarvuti veekindel ümbris paagikotile (kuni 9.7?)

Tavahind: 19,95 €

Erihind 13,70 €

Crossbar For handlebar Ø 22 mm Silver Ø 12 mm by SW-Motech

Crossbar For handlebar Ø 22 mm Silver Ø 12 mm by SW-Motech

Tavahind: 19,95 €

Erihind 11,10 €

Universal GPS mount kit with navi case Pro L ball, arm, navi mount, Navi Case Pro L Incl by SW-Motech

SW-Motech universaalne GPS kinnituskomplekt koos ümbrisega

Tavahind: 59,95 €

Erihind 41,70 €