Noco GC002 X-Connect Eyelet Terminal M6

Genius accessories are designed to expand the versatility of the NOCO Genius multi-purpose battery chargers. The accessories offer different ways to connect to batteries, extend the reach of the chargers, add connections to multiple vehicles, replace existing connectors and more.

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Tavahind: 16,70 €

Erihind 14,20 €


More ways to charge. Rugged, water-resistant plug-n-play connections for maximum performance. Permanently mount eyelet connectors on multiple vehicles to make hard-to-access batteries easy to charge. Charge through the 12V auxiliary or OBDII port from inside a vehicle, or simply extend the reach of your accessories. Whatever the case may be, X-Connect creates a solid weatherproof connection that provides maximum current flow and makes interconnecting different applications fast and easy. The possibilities are endless. .X-Connect Eyelet Terminal allows a battery charger to connect quickly to any battery. Replace a lost connector or permanently mount one on your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, personal watercraft, lawn mower and more for easy charging. Permanently mount a battery connection to any battery. Lie-flat design for seamless installations with M8 (1/4-inch) hole size. Built-in fuse protection for increased safety. More ways to charge with plug-n-play accessory changes. Rugged, watertight connector for extreme environments.


Laokood GC002
Pinge (V) 12
Värvus Hall
Kaal 142g
Sobib seadmele Mootorratta, ATV, Muruniiduki jms. akudele
Tootja Noco
EAN 046221100556

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