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Use the communication system in a matter of seconds with the technology built into your M1 PRO. Simply attach the SC1M to the back of your helmet and enjoy navigation, music, phone calls or bike-to-bike conversations with up to three riders. Easy plug & play installation. Plug in the system, stick the supplied remote control to the helmet or attach it using the universal clip, switch on the system and you’re ready to go. Microphones, headphones, antenna and wiring are preinstalled in the helmets. The SC1M can connect to two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously, so you won’t miss any of the navigation device announcements even if you’re listening to music or making calls. Battery life: The SC1M offers up to 14 hours of talk time so you can concentrate on your ride fully, without worrying about battery life. Voice commands: Accept incoming calls via VOX control or call one of your stored favourite numbers via voice command. The RC3 remote control makes using your new communication system easier than ever – you decide where to place it for even more flexibility. The remote control can be stuck to the helmet or attached elsewhere using the universal clip. Up to 14 hours talk time, 1 week standby time. Charges in just 3 hours


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Värvus Must
Sobib M1 PRO, M1
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