NOCO is an US company that was created in 1914. NOCO designs and produces consumer electronics, cleaning products, chargers, boosters and their accessories. NOCO's priorities are innovative design, efficiency, durability and safety. NOCO Genius series multi-purpose chargers are designed with versatility in mind. All chargers of this series are equipped with functions, that are meant for diagnosing, recovering, charging and maintaining different batteries. Chargers are perfect for users, who wish for flexibility and a possibility to operate between different devices quickly. NOCO's most known, Genius Boost series includes 5 different boosters of different power, that are safe to use thanks to reverse polarity, over-current and over-charging protection, spark-free connection. Boosters also work as powerbanks, with what you can choose your USB devices. GB20 and GB40 are suitable for motorcycles. NOCO products are valued by home users and specialists.