SP Connect is a trademark of the international corporate group SP United Holding AG, created in 2016. The company itself was created in 1988 in Germany. Their original intention was to produce snowboard bindings. Over 30 years later they're still on the market and rocking a wider range of products! Distributors are in 70 countries and on 5 continents. The production was taken to China in 2002, and is totally controlled by German standards and know-how. Therefore - best quality is guaranteed!

Like said, SP Connect as a trademark was brought to life in 2016. This is world's most versatile smartphone mounting system. The base products are the model-based an universal phone cases that can be combined with many different mounting systems. Attach the phone to motorbike, car, bicycle, arm, belt, tubes, baby carriage, wall etc. There is a special wireless charging module that can be connected straight to the motorcycle's battery.

See the range of SP Connect products here: https://motokaup.ee/english/navigation/sp-connect