Wera BlackLaser hex key 9-piece set

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Wera 9-piece BlackLaser L-keys kit. High quality 950 PKL L-keys are stainless and comfortabe to hold. L-keys have a greater contact surface that prevents screws from rounding out inside. L-key´s other, rounded tip allows to swivel the axis and therefore enable angled, around-the-corner screwdriving jobs.
Package includes: 950 PKL BM 1 x 1,5x90; 1 x 2,0x100; 1 x 2,5x112; 1 x 3,0x126; 1 x 4,0x140; 1 x 5,0x160; 1 x 6,0x180; 1 x 8,0x200; 1 x 10,0x219;

Additional Information

Sku 522208
Color Black
Width (mm) N/A
Length (mm) N/A
Type N/A
Capacity N/A
Runtime N/A
Manufacturer Wera
Weight 200g
EAN 4013288104809