Wera is a company that was created in 1936 in Germany and has reached to the top manufacturers of handtools. Wera tools are being sold all over the world. Product selection consists of over 3000 products and there we can find screwdrivers, ratchets, L-keys, bits and adaptors etc. These tools are valued high by people of different professions - mechanics, plumbers, builders, electricians, also home users. Products created by Wera have beautiful design, they are ergonomic, lightweight and handy. For several years they have won Red Dot design awards. Tools handles are developed to match the shape of the human hand, so they are really comfortable to hold and use for jobs that require precision or force. Everyone finds a suitable or necessary product from their selection.

People from Wera call themselves the "Tool Rebels", that represents their innovative and fresh approach in developing handtools.