Exide Dual AGM EP1200 513x190x225 aku

Saatavuus: Varastossa, toimitusaika 3-4 päivää

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EXIDE DUAL AGM batteries are high-current batteries and were developed to supply special-purpose vehicles such as fire engines, police cars, rescue vehicles, military, industrial and commercially used vehicles with energy and to provide particularly good start-up power for engines. Their design offers great installation flexibility (in passenger compartment or stowage boxes), maintenance advantages (absolutely maintenance-free, suitable for long standing times, savings in charging time of up to 50%) and stability (high resistance to vibration and inclination, spill- and leak-proof). The AGM round cell technology used (fleece-battery/grid plate or ring) with a Ca/Ca allow and valve-controlled VRLA ventilation covers a capacity range of 450 to 2100 Wh and thus offers a large selection of capacity sizes for cutting-edge and highly demanding applications and vehicles. The battery´s particularly low internal resistance enables a faster and higher charge current (over 100A). Accordingly, a discharged battery will recharge itself extremely quickly! This means that this battery is ideally suited, for example, for vehicles used for short distances.


Tuotekoodi 381405
Kapasiteetti 140Ah/1200Wh
Jännite (V) 12V
Pituus (mm) 513
Leveys (mm) 190
Korkeus (mm) 225
Paino 44,3kg
Valmistaja Exide

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