TRAX ION laukut

TRAX ION laukut

TRAX ION aluminum case - on the easy tour

Robustly finished with a body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum, strengthened with sturdy plastic elements and still a lightweight: the TRAX ION motorcycle cases are the new generation of the popular TRAX EVO series. The TRAX ION aluminum cases were completely overhauled - they are now welded in one piece and therefore waterproof. The companion for trips and adventures of all types wow with their large chamfer for best cornering clearance, their sleek look and a large offering of accessories - and all that at an attractive price. The TRAX ION side cases are available in 37 l and 45 l varieties. The TRAX ION top case offers 38 l of storage and holds a helmet. The TRAX ION aluminum cases are offered as a silver variation in natural aluminum or with black powder coating.

With a few flicks of the wrist the TRAX side cases can be securely fixed to EVO and PRO side carriers and the top case on the racks of SW-MOTECH. The TRAX aluminum case can also be mounted on racks of other common manufacturers like Givi/Kappa, Krauser, Hepco & Becker und Shad. Adapter kits available separately are required for this.

TRAX ION top cases are durable, lightweight, attractively priced and compatible to TRAX EVO side cases. ION top cases provide 38 l storage space, fit one full face helmet and come with raw aluminium or powder coated black finish.

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