Schuberth C3 PRO punainen (gravity red) kypärä

Saatavuus: Varastossa, toimitusaika 3-4 päivää

579,00 €

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579,00 €


NB! You can choose only the sizes that are in stock from the dropdown. If You can´t see Your size in the dropdown, please contact us for more information. The helmets that are not in stock, should arrive in 1 month.

C3 PRO is Schuberth´s most legendary helmet. Perfect companion even for long rides. C3 PRO helmet is made of glass fiber combined with a special resin, compressed in a vacuum at high pressure to form a sturdy yet light helmet shell. Aerodynamically optimized for hihg speed stability. EPS foam liner ensures optimal shock absorption to keep your head protected and also allow excellent ventilation troughout the helmet. Removable and washable inner lining, allergen-free and anti-bacterial. Coolmax fabric turns the interior of your helmet into a highly effective moisture removal and cooling system. Easy visor change mechanism allows to change it without using tools. Anti-fog lens prevents shield from logging. Reflective elements make riding even safer. Built in FM and Bluetooth antennasfor maximum reception. Anti-Roll-Off system ensures that the helmet is kept in place. Sizes XS - XXXL, 53 - 65 cm available.

4368149360 - XXXL
4368148360 - XXL
4368147360 - XL
4368146360 - L
4368145360 - M
4368144360 - S
4368143360 - XS


Tuotekoodi c3-pro-gravity-red
Väri Punainen
Valmistaja Schuberth
Paino 1.57kg