Крепления боковых кофров

Крепления боковых кофров

Side carrier – perfect fit, simple handlingThe newest generation: the PRO side carrier

Even more robust, even more adventurous - still removable: the bike-specific PRO side carrier made of 2.5 mm thick steel is extremely resilient and can be constructed closer to the vehicle. In the course of the new production, the popular QUICK-LOCK quick-release fasteners were redesigned as well. The carrier can be removed completely in no time and all that remains on the bike are unimposing attachments. Adapter kits for aluminum cases by SW-MOTECH, Givi/Kappa, Hepco & Becker, Shad and Krauser are available. The PRO side carrier provides secure hold for AERO ABS plastic cases, SysBags 15/30 with adapter plates and RotopaX canisters.

Removable EVO carrier

Flexibility, practicality and innovation were capitalized in the development of our carrier systems. We brought the first removable carrier in the world on the market in 2001. Often copied but still unsurpassed: The patented EVO carrier QUICK-LOCK mechanism combines easy use with perfect fit. Carriers and motorcycle cases can be attached and removed in seconds, on drives without luggage only a pair of inconspicuous breakpoints on the bike remain. The EVO side carrier is compatible with our TRAX aluminum cases (ADV / ION) and AERO ABS side cases, but we also sell adapter kits for cases of other manufacturers.

Subtle SLC side carrier

We also have tailor-made solutions for retro motorcycles, Naked Bikes and lightweight, sporty machines. The steel SLC side carrier is developed specifically for each bike and seamlessly integrates into the design of the bike. The Legend Gear side bags, URBAN ABS side cases or SysBag 10/15 bags with adapter plates can be attached and removed with one movement via a quick-release fastener. We also offer a universal side mount left / right for the SLC side carrier for attaching all manner of items.

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Backpack strap set 2 backpack straps for Rearbag and Slipstream by SW-Motech

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SW-Motech sidebag right speedpack

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Rain cover Jet Pack Rain cover Tail bag Jetpack by SW-Motech

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Zipper puller As replacement for bags and backpacks by SW-Motech

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2,95 €
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