Wera Kraftform Micro-set набор отверток 12 предметов

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12-piece set of Wera good quality and durable screwdrivers, that are made for work that requires precision. Fits for slotted, phillips, TORX socket, hexagon socket screws. They come in a comfortable belt pouch. The handle is designed ergonomically and square so that it´s anti-rolling. The handle has three zones to grab on - fast turning, power and precision - accordingly if you need to use more power, be precise or quick. Kit includes: 2050 PH Micro - PH00 x 60mm, PH0 x 60mm, 2067 TORX HF TX5 x 40mm, TX6 x 40mm, 2035 Micro - 0.23 x 1.5 x 40mm, 0.30 x 1.8 x 60mm, 0.40 x 2.5 x 60mm, 0.40 x 2.5 x 80mm, 0.50 x 3.0 x 80mm, 2054 Micro - 0.9 x 40mm, 1.5 x 60mm, 2 x 60mm.

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Артикул 522202
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Производитель Wera
Вес 300g
EAN 4013288165695